Your New Home Team Inc
Your Northern Virginia Home

Your Northern Virginia Home

Your New Home Team starts with you! We are a new and growing team of professionals with one goal in mind - to be the #1 trusted advisor(s), confidant(s) when it comes to buying, selling, building or investing in Northern VA for our clients and community. Our unique backgrounds, dedication, experience and commitment pours into everything we do. We believe in integrity and wrap our values and approach around betterment of our clients and community - every day.

We focus on a true team approach where each team members specialty, expertise, passion is focused on what they do and love. Our marketing team focuses on marketing tasks so our agents can spend more quality time with dedicated clients and not have to manage all aspects of the business. Our transaction coordinator combs through documents and contracts to ensure all paperwork is properly completed and ready for smooth transaction.

As you will see in our website(s), videos and marketing - we strive to offer the leading edge systems that bring results and offer advantage to our clients. We know some clients out there don't know what they don't know and what they might be missing. Our philosophy is to educate, inform, empower and protect our clients’ interests. Utilization of latest technologies make it convenient and powerful to make informed decisions - after all we know and believe this process is more than just a sale, more than just a transaction - it is a new beginning, a new relationship. We welcome you to become part of the communities we live and proudly serve in and are truly grateful in being a part of a live transforming event.

As you browse through our websites and marketing materials, you will experience the type of technology, approach, marketing we utilize. We also do more behind the scenes. If you would like to find out more about our team, our approach, our marketing and how it can help you with your home purchase, sale or investment, give us a call today or.. Chat live with one our team members on our websites.

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